Return Policy

 Return Policy

All customer have the right to exchange the hair extension only, 

1.       You must first contact us within 30 business days from the day on which you receive your order from Cuniquestyles. 

2.       The hair you ordered from Cuniquestyles must not be removed from the original packing.3.       The hair must not be worn or taken from its original seal; otherwise, it will be deemed exempt from an exchange’ if the hair is taken out of its original bond. This also means that you cannot try on the hair-even if briefly!

4.       If you remove the hair and remove the bonds that ties it up, it is ineligible for return.

5.       If any item is determined to be used or tampered with, you will be notified via email within 3 to 20 business days of its return.

6.       You will be granted the option to pay for the return of the product you purchased from Cuniquestyles.

7.       If you do not reply or refuse to make payment for its return to you, the item will be held for 30 days and then be destroyed,

8.       All returns must be requested within 30 days of the receipt of delivery.